Feel more in charge and change your mindset about food

Learn to see food as nourishment for your mind and body

Find your ideal weight by changing your mindset around food

Enjoy guilt-free eating within a balanced diet

Get 1-1 support from your coach who is understanding and non-judgemental

If your focus is more on weight loss and/or preventing or managing a health condition, then select the Second Nature programme.

Break the equation to find food freedom and your ideal weight

Developing a bad relationship with food 😵‍💫

Improve your relationship with food ❤️‍🩹

We will look at your personal eating habits and together we will identify the most impactful habit changes to re-shape how you see and use food.

We want to help people feel in control again

We help people go from...

to enjoying food again.

Stress and boredom eating

Not using food to cope with emotions

Restricting themselves out of guilt and frustration

Eating balanced and enjoying food again

Constantly thinking about food

Making healthy choices without overthinking

Waiting till they are hungry and overeating after

Being in sync with your hunger cues

Feeling controlled by food

Feeling free from guilt and enjoying food again

For years, the diet industry has promoted calorie counting and restriction, which leads to short-term weight-loss results

In addition, our eating habits are impacted by our past experiences, such as how our parents eat and speak about food, and how others comment on what we eat and how we look.

Dieting and our past experiences have led us to develop negative thought patterns

Food becomes all about calories in vs. calories out. There’s no joy in eating. Obsessing over food and what to eat. All of this leads us to develop a poor relationship with food that can trickle down to our kids.

We want to help you unlearn unhealthy thought patterns

So you can see food positively in your life, heal your relationship with food and, as a consequence, reach your ideal weight.

Relationship with food programme

If you want to focus on changing your mindset around food so that you can lose weight and feel better in yourself, then this is for you

If your focus is more on weight loss and/or preventing or managing a health condition, then select the Second Nature programme.

A personalised experience to improve your relationship with food

Get personalised support to build a healthy relationship with food

Together with your personal health coach you will define strategies and goals to change your thought patterns for good.

🎓 Our health coaches are dietitians and nutritionists with experience in helping people change eating habits. They are here to support and work with you, not judge you.

Lessons and actions chosen specifically for you

Your health coach will personally pick the most suitable modules of our programme for you, based on your context, habits, and thought patterns.

Measure your progress in the app

Measure how you are progressing with your check-ins and lessons read.

Chat to your health coach in our app

Your health coach is available during the week in our app.

Explore recipes and other tools

Our toolbox contains tools that will support the learnings you will get from our lessons.


Relationship with food programme

If you want to focus on changing your mindset around food so that you can lose weight and feel better in yourself, then this is for you

Our programmes

Relationship with food programme
Second Nature lifestyle programme

For people who want to focus on sustainable weight loss

For people who want to prioritise managing their health condition

For people who want weight loss as a result of working on their relationship with food

Personalised activities to support you in changing your eating habits and the way you see food

1-1 chat with your health coach to keep you accountable

Nutritionist specialised in helping members find food freedom

Programme delivered via our app (Android or iOS)

Group chat with other people in the same journey

Articles and activities nutrition, habits, exercise, and the psychology of eating

Access to optional online communities

Access to +300 recipes

From £28/m

£6.71 weekly

From £28/m

£6.71 weekly

People have asked these questions

“What is relationship with food and food freedom?”

Our relationship with food describes our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours relating to food. It’s how we see food and how food fits into our lives.

Having a positive relationship with food involves seeing food as nourishment and something to enjoy, and being able to mindfully choose what and how much to eat. Whereas, a negative relationship with food can involve feelings of shame, anxiety and guilt around food.

“Can I lose weight on the 'Relationship with food' programme?”

✅ Yes, you can.

Our weight and relationship with food are very interlinked. This is because the reasons behind our behaviours (such as our emotions and thoughts) can influence our eating habits, which can ultimately influence our weight.

For example, having an unhealthy relationship with food may mean feeling like we have a lack of control when it comes to food, which can lead to overeating. On the other hand, a healthy relationship with food involves eating a balanced diet, enjoying food, and being mindful of the choices that we make.

The ‘Relationship with food’ programme focuses on improving your relationship with food so that you see food as nourishment and enjoy it, rather than obsessing or stressing over it. By doing this, you’ll learn to listen to your body and give it what it needs in the right amounts, leading to sustainable weight loss.

What’s ‘food freedom’?

Food freedom describes the feeling that food doesn’t control you (common in an negative relationship with food) and that you can see food for nourishment for your mind and body. You won’t think about food all the time and you can enjoy eating the food you love.

“Should I join the 'Relationship with food' programme?”

✅ You should definitely join the ‘Relationship with food’ programme if:

  • You know that you need to improve your relationship with food to achieve your goals
  • You want to stop thinking about food all the time and be able to enjoy eating
  • You want to learn how to fuel yourself well so you can be healthy and energised
  • You want to lose weight as a result of improving your relationship with food
  • You want to be a role model for your children and help them build healthy habits

⛔️ On the other hand, the ‘Relationship with food’ programme is not ideal for you if:

  • Your priority is fast weight loss
  • Your focus is to manage or prevent a health condition by improving your lifestyle choices

Send us your own questions about the 'Relationship with food programme' — we'll be in touch

We have experiencechanging behaviour

This is changing my life, I literally have opened a cupboard then stopped shut it and sat back down. It may sound stupid but that is massive to me.

Tash, sharing her experience with our programme

Amazing platform. Helped me to understand my relationship with food and portion control rather than calorie counting.

Claire, who came from calorie counting to Second Nature

It’s completely changed my relationship with food. I wish I had found it years ago. I’m no longer hungry or snack! I’m three weeks in and I have lost just over a stone! I’m forever changed and cannot recommend enough.

Hayley, who’s been struggling with her relationship with food for a while

Working with universities in the UK

We have a research partnership with Oxford University, developed and taught courses on behavioural science and nutrition to several universities, including the University of Greenwich, and delivered lectures at UCL.

We are recommended by the NHS

More than 40,000 people have been recommended to Second Nature by a healthcare professional to help change their behaviour.

Programme created by specialists

We worked with a PhD Psychologist, Dietitians and Engineers to craft a programme that helps change people’s behaviour.

We care about helping you create a healthy relationship with food for your kids

Whether we're teaching our kids about nutrition, modelling healthy eating habits, or encouraging them to try new foods, we can create an environment where our children can thrive and enjoy all the benefits that come with a positive relationship with food.

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