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The Unused and Overpriced: Flaws of Generic Wellness Programmes

Generic well-being programmes often fail to cater to individual health needs, resulting in wasted investment and low adoption rates.

Wellness app sector trends. Sources: Statista 2023; Grand View Research, JP Morgan; Apptopia


Personalised Health Journeys

We disrupt the status quo by crafting personalised health journeys for each employee. Our approach is delivered by human coaches who ensure everyone receives the attention and care they deserve. Our pricing is usage-based, ensuring you only pay for what's used.


Advanced Techniques for Personalised Health

Each employee's health journey, delivered via our app, features 1:1 coaching from qualified nutritionists, trained in advanced behavioural change techniques. Custom education articles, habit tracking, and more, all contribute to these unique health transformation journeys.

How it works

We identify the key areas of wellbeing affecting each individual we create a completely personalised programme just for them. Everyone gets their own health coach to build routines that fit their lifestyle.

Source: Second Nature survey on programme impact and engagement, 2021


Individual Journeys, Unified Team Insight

Each employee embarks on a confidential health journey, while management receives aggregate views of the team's wellbeing. This dual approach maintains individual privacy, while offering insights into overall team health.

Pay for What You Need, and Nothing More

Our 'pay for what you use' pricing model ensures efficient budget usage and targeted, high-quality employee interventions. You only pay for active users, resulting in cost savings and better outcomes.

*Prices displayed are for illustrative purposes only and don't necessarily reflect actual pricing


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