"Second Nature isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change"

Lorraine, Portsmouth

Diets built on rules fail hard - and fast.
We make weight loss feel easier and last longer.

We all have habits. Things we do, every day, without really thinking about them.

Morning coffee. Lunchtime crisps. Evening drive. Night time drink.

Sometimes we don’t even notice we’re doing them. But we do notice their impacts.

We notice when we’re feeling a bit slower, or our jeans are a bit tight, or we find it harder to get up in the morning.



Second Nature was built by Mike (bearded) and Chris (not so bearded). We've spent years studying habits. We know they're the things shaping your decisions, like what you reach for when you're hungry, how you get to work, even how you eat.

We’ve used our research and insights to create an app that helps you rewire your habits. Using behavioural science, our app makes it easy for you to form new habits, ones that help you sleep better, eat better and feel better. Habits that help you lose weight, and keep it off.

Second Nature



1:1 support from a registered nutritionist

What makes Second Nature different?

Backed by the NHS

We equip you with all of the tools and support you need to improve your relationship with food and take control of your health.

All of our UK members are assigned a registered nutritionist and digital support-group. Our programme takes a holistic approach and avoids unsustainable methods like calorie counting.

No calorie counting

Recipe book included

Health Coach based in UK

UK support-group

New for Dec 2023

In 2023 we officially launched our medication-supported weight-loss programme. 

This involves a weekly injection of one of the newly-released weight-loss medications, alongside our weight-loss programme.

Whilst taking medications can lead to higher levels of weight loss, they shouldn't be seen as a magic pill or solution.

There are also a number of eligibility criteria that will need to be checked before you can be approved for any weight-loss medications.

To check your eligibility and understand which one of our programmes is right for you, the first step is to take our health quiz.

As featured on Channel 4's "How to lose weight well"