Kick bad habits. Get healthy ones.

Second Nature (formerly OurPath) is a digital lifestyle change programme that will help you lose weight in just 12 weeks - and keep it off.

How it works

The 12-week course takes place entirely within the app with no need for inconvenient, in-person meet ups. You can find a bit more about how it works below.


All bodies are different. That's why you are assigned your own health coach (a registered dietitian or nutritionist) to support you and tailor the programme to suit your individuals needs and preferences. You can privately message them whenever you like for advice or some extra motivation. You'll also be put in a small group with other people who are starting their habit change journey at the same time as you. 


During the programme you will receive daily articles on nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, & exercise. All of our articles are based on the latest scientific evidence and high quality research. You'll also get access to hundreds of delicious, simple recipes.


The best way to build a new habit is to track your progress and set yourself reminders of your goal. Within the app you're able to track all of your new habits including sleep, steps, exercise, and water intake. You're also able to create custom meal plans and log journals within the app to keep you prepared and motivated.

Interested? The first step is taking our health quiz.